2017 Reunion Activities Survey

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Grand Canyon

Date: November 26, 2016
From: Max Butler
To: TAC Missileers

I would like to put together a tour of the Grand Canyon while we are in Las Vegas, if there is enough interest.

I have been in contact with a first class tour company in Vegas that does this tour on a daily basis. We would board the tour bus at our hotel at 7:00 am and depart at 7:20 AM. We would arrive at the canyon about noon. Before touring the canyon we would have a buffet lunch (all you can eat). This is included in the tour cost. We would spend about 3 and a half hours at the canyon visiting the Hopi House museum as well as the canyon sites.

Lois and I visited the canyon back in 2010 and it is absolutely breathtaking to say the least. I would recommend seeing this awesome site to anyone. We would return to our hotel about 9:30-10:00 PM. The tour would probably be on the 5th of Oct., a Thursday. (Update: This tour has actually been scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 4th and the Hoover Dam Tour has been scheduled for Friday, Oct. 6th.)

We would try to have breakfast at the hotel before departing or the tour company provides a breakfast snack on the bus. The tour cost per person would be $90.00. I need to get an estimate of how many would be interested in this tour in the next few months so I can keep the tour company appraised of our intentions.

I also will be putting together a Hoover Dam tour which would be about 4/1/2 hr. duration in the AM. Need to know of any interest in this as well.


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