Hahn Query – Lt. Col. Jesse L. Mayo

March 5th, 2011

Looking for information about Lt. Col. Jesse L. Mayo who served at Hahn AB (1966-67).  If you can help, please contact Russ Reston.

From: Pamela Mayo Clark
Sent: Saturday, March 05, 2011 12:40 PM
To: russ@TacMissileers.org
Subject: Lt. Col. Jesse L. Mayo, 1915 – 1978

Dear Russ

I’m hoping to connect with anyone who might have known my late father, Lt. Col Jesse L. Mayo, who was squadron commander of the 331st MMS at Walker AFB (1959 – 1964) and also commander of the MMS at Morón AFB (1964-65), Laon AFB (1965-66), Hahn AFB (1966-67), and lastly Eglin AFB, from Summer of 1967 until June of 1969. He retired to Austin, Texas in July of 1969.

I’ve always thought “MMS” was acronym for Munitions Maintenance Squadron, but perhaps it also stands for Missile Maintenance Squadron.

My Dad’s USAF career started in WWII. He was stationed in England, at High Wycomb (I think). He was a bombardier and then navigator. After the war, he was stationed at Biloxi, Mississippi; Mather Field, Ellsworth AFB, Ramey AFB, Travis AFB and the Walker AFB. (See preceding paragraph for his assignments after Walker AFB.

Can you help me find those who might have known my Dad? He died young, at age 63 in August of 1978. His death from lung cancer was judged to be 100% service-connected.
I got your information (below) from: https://www.tacmissileers.org/?page_id=80

Best regards,
Pamela Mayo Clark