Info Request – Eugene P. Reed

February 10, 2013

The family of Eugene P. Reed is searching for information about his Air Force career.  Based on old TAC Missileers membership records, he was a Matador Missileer that served at Osan / Kimpo, Korea.

If you can help with any information about him, please contact Russ Reston.


From: Donna Hollingsworth
Sent: Saturday, February 09, 2013
To: TAC Missileers
Subject: TAC Missileers “Contact Us” Submission – Eugene P Reed

Eugene Preston Reed was my father. He passed away Mar 28, 2012. The family is trying to reconstruct his Air Force career. I am aware of a photo of him with a missile badge. We do not know anything about it and I found his name on your roster. Any information would be deeply appreciated. I am attempting to replace his badges and medals along with his military funeral flag for my grandson, his only grandson. My son in law is a Navy Seabee so this would mean quite a lot for his family. Dad was in the AF from the early 50s to 1972. He was in England in the early 50s with a trip to Norway. Korea in the 50s Viet Nam in 1963. I remember him with the missile badge as a small child but do not know where or how he obtained it. As his executor I am getting his mail and I received the Air Force Sergeants magazine today and found the missile badge on page 56 and re started my internet search. Unfortunately I was using the search word ”rocket” and was unsuccessful so I am very pleased to find his name here.

Also my late mother was English and had memories of the V 2 bomb and had a piece of one. Dad donated to a museum, so I am wondering about any connection. I think I remember dad saying he did something in Norway about/along with the V2 so we are wondering if there is any connection? Thank you for any help, the family is very excited about any info you can provide.

Best regards,
Donna Hollingsworth