San Diego Reunion Reservations Going Slowly

January 18th, 2011
Submitted by: Bob Bolton – TAC Newsletter Editor

San Diego Reunion Reservations Going Slowly
“Joe Perkins is scratching his head wondering why, as of the latest tally only 18 missileers have reserved a room for the reunion. It may seem like a long time until the reunion date, but October will be here quicker than we realize. Joe is asking that everyone please go ahead, even if you are not 100% sure at this moment, to commit and reserve a room, get that reservation on the hotels books. If you later find that you really can’t attend as first planned you may cancel your reservation, without penalty of course.

Joe wants to emphasize to the membership that by reserving our rooms as early as possible, if we do use up the originally agreed to number of rooms the hotel is holding back for our group, it will be far easier for him to negotiate for more space earlier in the game than if he would have to try to at the last minute. By reserving now, with as many missileers as possible, we will also have a clearer understanding of the true number of participants and will be better able to coordinate the schedule of events. Furthermore, if you delay until the last minute in reserving a room you may find you will be unable to get a room at all and if you do get a room late, you may not be able to get one for an extended period before and after the reunion. Please call the hotel right now and make that reservation!”

Emphasizing San Diego Reunion Reservation Process
“Please make your hotel reservations for our reunion only by telephone. Their number is 858-278-9300. When you contact the hotel to make your reunion reservation, if you should encounter any problem with the process, ask to speak to Krystal Chavez (Holiday Inn Mission Valley Stadium – Sales Coordinator). She will help you through the process of making a reservation.”

Bob Bolton – TAC Missileers Newsletter Editor