Sembach Air Base 11th TMS Yearbook – 1957/58

Courtesy of Robert Paretti (Launch crew member; Sembach – 11th TMS; 1957 & Hahn – 822nd TMS; 1958).

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Sembach Year Book 1957/58

Sembach Air Base Yearbook – 1957 / 1958

Launch Team
Attached is the Official AF Photo of our launch team from Hahn AB at Patrick AFB, Fla during launch exercises dtd 25 Aug 1959. I am in second row, third from right. I can’t for the life of me remember the last names of anyone on the team, but do remember the first names of many, so maybe the posting will get someone with a better memory than I to ID them.
Hope the guys enjoy….
Robert (Bob) Paretti


Launch Team