Wildwood Mace Update

July 22, 2010

Update on new home for CGM-13B SN# 59-4871 (Wildwood Mace)

In order to keep Missileers “in the loop” concerning the “Wildwood Mace,” I (Frank Roales) submit the following:

An Engineer’s drawing and model for the new Indiana Military Museum has been completed and the model has been placed on display in the George Rodgers Clark National Memorial’s visitor’s center in Vincennes, IN.

Phase 1 of the Museum’s program has been completed with the purchase of 14 acres of land near the National Memorial, adjacent to the French Commons used for the “Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous” in the main historical area of Vincennes.

Present plans for Phase 2 call for the remolding and adapting of two buildings now on this property starting at the end of 2010, with the target of moving the present storage and restoration facilities to the larger of the two and the present museum in to the other. This will call for moving all items in storage and those on display at the current museum to the new more centrally located facility. This facility is somewhat smaller than the present location so some condensing of present displays will need to be done and while some display space will be temporally lost in this part of the plan, the new location will bring more visitors to the museum and help with the final phase of the museum’s plans. This timetable is dependent on the raising of approximately $300,000 before next year’s season.

In the final phase (Phase 3), funds estimated at 10 million dollars will be raised and a state of the art 69,000 sq. ft. main structure as seen in the pictures will be built. Building 2 will then be used for traveling exhibits, education and meeting facilities.

As now shown on the engineering model the Mace will be displayed near the entrance fountain at the main entrance road to the museum (see photo). What a great place for “our bird”

Frank Roales

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Indiana Military Museum

Indiana Military Museum

Indiana Military Museum