Only 15 Minutes To The Atomic Strike

From: Robert Bolton
Date: Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Subject: Only 15 Minutes To The Atomic Strike

It is with the kind permission of Stefan Bünttner and Klaus Stark, co-authors of “Nur 15 Minuten bis zum Atomschlag” [Only 15 Minutes to the Nuclear Strike] that we are able to post on the TAC Missileers website a complete copy of their original article as it appeared in the German aviation magazine FLIEGER REVUE EXTRA 32, published in late 2011. Along with his permission letter to me Klaus mentioned that he is honored for us to be using his work in this way and he hopes all the missileers enjoy the story.

In the past six editions of the TAC Missileers Newsletter (beginning with Volume #14, Issue 1) we have been publishing, with their permission, a translated and serialized text only version of the authors terrific history piece on the American and Russian cruise missiles in divided Germany during the Cold War. Now with the posting of this copy of the original work, you will be able to enjoy in the original German, the full color graphics, pictures, side-bars, data and interviews all of which we have had to omit from our TAC Missileers Newsletter’s version in the interest of brevity.

A note on the scan process for this copy, because the original publication of the article was in a very large magazine format I was unable to use my HP scanner because the page size was too large, bigger than A4, for the platen of the scanner. Therefore, I resorted to using the Scanner Pro App on my Ipad to capture the images. The resulting PDF images in some cases are not as sharp as they would have been had I been able to use my higher resolution scanner.

Of Interest: Continuing his pursuit as a journalist and Cold War military history buff, Klaus Stark recently wrote two articles on how in 1988, to comply with Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), the Russians moved their missiles and nuclear warhead stockpile out of East Germany. Those two articles were published in the Märkische Allgemeine, the newspaper Klaus works for in Berlin.

Bob Bolton

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